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When commodities in circulation Chinese delay, is the storage of goods. If the transport is to create products of "value" goods store is created "time value". Storage is in between the two main activities of production and consumption, in logistics "reservoir". Was stored at warehouse: libraries, so rationalization and modernization is stored in warehouses of rationalization and modernization of the form. Development trend of modern warehousing and storage from the storage type to circulation changes.
Section storage function in logistics
, The concept of storage
Storage, refers to the transfer of goods from the producer to the consumer in the process in a certain place, some place, a period of stagnation. Temporary halt in the circulation of goods, is the storage of goods. Storage is a movement of logistics, is a kind of commodity circulation practices. Here to test products, storage, processing, distribution, transformation, transport, and other jobs. Storage is the main function of logistics and essential point of circulation. Storage of goods in circulation, including the transportation sector, the extremities of the various modes of transport, stations, terminals, ports and the airport to establish a stock, including Commerce and materials sectors in order to ensure the sale and supply of goods and stocks that have been established; also includes production enterprises to be sold for shipment of finished goods are stored, and so on.
Second, the storage function
Stored mainly on the circulation of commodity inspection, storage, distributing and processing b conversion modes of transport; and resolving contradiction between supply and demand and between different modes of transport, place value and time efficiency, the protection of ownership of the goods and the use value, accelerating the circulation of goods, improve efficiency and quality. Promote the improvement of social benefits. Broadcast, store functionality can be divided into the following aspects:
(A) Regulation
Storage Logistics plays a "reservoir" effect, stored on the one hand you can adjust the balance between production and consumption, such as the relationship between selling and consumption, so that they are coordinated in time and space, ensure the smooth progress of social reproduction on the other, can also be achieved in regulating transport. Because the product from production to sale land, mainly depends on the transport is complete, but shipped to different modes of transport, distance, traffic and transportation on the route and time of transport there is a gap, destination = mode of transport could not go, you need to select change mode of transport, shipping lines, shipping scale, transport
Transmission method and means of transport as well as for the coordination of transport and finish products inversion, and logistics such as transport, packaging, container, also in the transport of products stop, that is stored.
(B) the inspection function
During the process of logistics, in order to guarantee the accuracy of the quantity and quality of goods, distinguish between accidents and safeguard the interests of various economic, requirements must be 2P of commodities and related matters to testing, to meet the requirements of production, transportation, sales and client, stores as a test for the venue and conditions.
(C) distribution function
Storage units production products together to form rules of chess, and then dispersing as necessary to send to the point of consumption. By episode, connecting production and demand, balanced transport and improve speed.
(D) distribution function
According to the user's needs, and help to sort, group, and distribution of goods b packaging and dispensing operations together with a good ' goods road home storage and distribution functions is the extension of custody functions, improve the store ship social services efficiency, is to ensure the safety of stored goods, the biggest eye-to maintain the value of the merchandise in the store, and reduced storage losses. Reasonable storage, is to ensure the smooth flow and to meet consumers ' uninterrupted basis, to determine the appropriate song structure storage storage quotas and product varieties of ' rationalization I otherwise, excess stocks; it will cause a backlog of goods, increasing capital, to increase the holding costs, causing the loss of goods, causing huge waste. If too little storage; as to have sold out of the market, affecting consumption; will eventually affect the development of the national economy. Therefore, the store rationalization has very important significance.
(A) the location and reasonable
Goods storage, cannot leave the warehouse, warehouse building reasonable distribution. Sets the location of the warehouse, for speed of commodity circulation and circulation size has a direct effect. Warehouse of layout to and industrial and agricultural production na layout phase adapted, should as to and supply units phase near, up is so-called "near factory near storage" of principles, or, on will caused factory far distance delivery of contradictions 1 commodity supply field of, warehouse location to consider near of traffic transport conditions ', seeks to aid near station Terminal to Lee commodity shipped, this is so-called "near shipped near storage" of principles; store of commodity main supply this area, is should be built Yu Center to, and the sales units is radiation-like. Word b in distribution logistics when the principle of the shortest distance, ' as far as possible to avoid circuitous back of goods transport, when building large warehouse location is selected, it is best to have the laying of railway lines or construct a water transport terminal conditions; taking into account the development of container transportation, also has a large container truck in and out of condition, and nearby roads and bridges has the appropriate capacity.
(B) the reasonable stock
Reasonable stocks are goods you store a reasonable number. GG on new products before shipment to guarantee supply to a normal inventory. Effect reasonable volume of factors many, first decided Yu social demand, social demand more big, inventory reserves volume on more more; second, is transport conditions, transport conditions good, transport time short, is store number can corresponding reduced; again, is logistics management level and equipment conditions, as purchase channel, and link, and warehouse technology job,, are will directly or indirect to effect commodity inventory volume of level.
(C) the storage of structured
Storage structure refers to goods of different varieties, specifications, models, based on consumer demand, inventory quantity, determine a reasonable proportion between relationships, it reflects the inventory available, complete, comprehensive and assurance of supply. Storage structure is mainly based on consumer needs and changes in market demand and other factors.
(D) reasonable storage time
Storage time is reasonable, that is, each item must be proper custody days of reserves.
Requirements for the number of days not too long or too short, funds used to reserve days will be extended for too long. Reserve days are too short, you can't guarantee supply.
Storage time is mainly determined by circulation sales, such as transit times, acceptance of time could also be a factor. In addition, the storage time of certain commodities, and are determined by the nature and characteristics of the product. If stored for too long, the product is physical, chemical and physiological and biological changes can occur, resulting in the deterioration or loss.