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THC Teminal Handling Charge terminal handling charge
ORC Receiving Charger at Origin of shipment and freight
ARB Arbitariec transit fee
BAF Bunker Adjustment Factor

PSS Peak Season Charge peak season surcharge
STF Suez Transit Suez Canal surcharge Fee
RPS box
Port congestion surcharge
WRS War Risk war risk surcharge
DDC Delivevry Charges at Destination destination delivery charge
EBS Emergency Bunker Srucharge
EBA Emergency Bunker Additional emergency fuel
YAS Yen Appreciation Surcharge
GRI General Rate Increase the normal rate increase
PTF Panama Canal Transit fee
IFP Interim temporary fuel surcharges Fuel Participation
ETS Emergency emergency truck Truking Surcharge surcharges
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CGS Contingency Surcharge congestion surcharge of
IFA Interim Fnel Assessment temporary fuel
Shanghai port surcharge
FRC Fnel Recovery Charge fuel recovery charge
CUC Chassis chassis Usage Charge fee
MCS Metal Coil steel surcharges Surcharge volume
RFC Rail Fuel Recovery Charge rail fuel recovery charge
CDS Calcutta Draft
TAR war risk surcharge Tempoary temporary Additional Risk Surcharge

CFS Container Feright Station container freight station
FAF Fuel Additional Fee, fuel surcharge
CFS Container Freight Station container freight station
TEU Twenty-feet Equivalent Unit conversion box