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example: a company has a number of products to be sent to Guangzhou, Chengdu, director Wang found the cargo information intermediaries published a call this information intermediaries do not have any suitable vehicle, Chengdu city, from other information medium to a Guangzhou car, bargain, both parties agree the price, 3 tons of the products will be transported to Guangzhou. The truck drivers were paid information to more than two information intermediary fees. Information Agency and the driver, Wang sign the "freight transport information transportation agreement" and leaving the driver's home phone, cell phone number and other contact information.
Drivers promised after loading, payment on delivery. But the party did not receive the goods in Guangzhou, the driver could not be contacted, freight information agency said it is not clear how it is. Wang was urgent, calls don't know how many times a day, but without any results. He had to admit that the cargo was lost. Like a similar situation has happened.
Tip: it is learnt that at present, yet there is not a records archive information platform for all vehicles, vehicle information is not transparent, and in view of this, experts point out that you and the owner should note the following points on delivery, prevent fraud:
1, to review all documents and copies, (driving license, driver's license, vehicle purchase surcharge, road tolls, vehicle insurance, operator, etc)
2, review the condition, verify that consistent with the documents, (main, engine, checked his pards, is consistent with the travel card. Condition, the agreement with the age)
3, verification of identity, telephone verification; if necessary, check with your insurance company, operations)
4, reserved image (use of open or secret retained the driver and owner of image and sound data)
5, signed the contract and (carefully read and review the contract provisions to increase and to conventions and defaults approach)
6, on the track, (using GPS, or telephone monitoring en route, vehicle dynamic control)
7, need to guard and (important material requirements guard)
8, insurance. (Important material goods transport insurance)