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Freight single card refers to in international goods transport process in the, by carrier, and import and export goods transceiver goods people, and freight agent issued of, in organization supply, and checked set class, and test quarantine, and customs declared, and goods shipment, and make single delivery, and Bank settlement, the business link in the for goods transport operation, and management, and proved of international goods transport all single card, and receipt, and vouchers and electronic message. Common freight documents are Attorney for the international shipment of goods, maritime shipping, air consignment note, ocean shipping orders, container station receipts, service module slips, container equipment interchange receipt, manifests, bills of lading, air waybill, distribution lists, arrival notice, paper bills of lading, drivers, and so on. Freight documents is indispensable to the international transport of goods and international business activities an important document.
Shipping document refers specifically to the goods upon shipment, provided by the seller to the buyer or the seller to provide the Bank, extracting, customs declaration, inspection and quarantine of goods, freight forwarding links, bank receipt and write-off tax rebate for goods transport operations, management and certification of all international goods transport documents, receipts, documents and electronic messages. Many types of shipping documents and names vary, according to the UCP 600, the shipping document is divided into the following seven.