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Loading and unloading is transportation and storage activities incurred a secondary job. Because transport can produce spatial effects, storage time effects can be generated, and loading and unloading itself does not have any value. The entire distribution process from production to consumption, to repeated unloading and, therefore, is very important to rationalize the rationalization of logistics of loading and unloading. Of realizing the mechanization of loading and unloading operations, container and bulk is to improve
Main ways of handling
Section loading and unloading function analysis of
Concepts, loading and unloading of
Refers to all means of transport, such as automobiles, railway wagons, ships loading unloading and handling of goods, or in the custody of goods in the warehouse storage, handling, and all the goods for processing operations. In General, loading and unloading operations can be divided into handling, transportation, storage, a library, such as sorting and preparation work, and these job-related subsidiary operations. "Handling", is the Mount of transport of goods, or unloaded from the means of transport in General. For a container, or put the items into containers called boxing, and removed items from inside the container is called unboxing. "Move", refers to a relatively short distance to move the items. "Handling" and
"Handling" the main difference is: "handling" means in the commodities space, dominated by vertical displacement, which "carry" refers to the goods in the short distance in the region, mainly to horizontal displacement. Due to absolute
Displacement or the absolute level of displacement is not, in most cases is a composite of the two movements, sometimes dominated by vertical displacement is "handling", sometimes dominated by horizontal displacement that is "move". "Storage" refers to moving the goods to the places specified in the fixed facility installations, according to a prescribed position, and form, code commodity assignments. "Outbound" are from the place of storage, remove the items. "Sorting" is based on the types of items l direction and customer demand, will classify the goods. "Received for shipment" refers to a library of items ready for immediate loading in transport operations.
The loading and unloading of goods throughout the whole process of commodity motion. Whether it is goods transportation, storage, storage, commodity distribution, packaging the Russian distribution processing are accompanied by loading and unloading operations. In the whole logistics activities, handling accounts for a large proportion.
Therefore, the quality of the efficiency of loading and unloading, loading and unloading, loading and unloading costs are closely linked to the logistics. It can be said that rationalize handling and logistics fair
One of the most important issues, improve the handling is to accelerate the speed of vessel turnover, to speed up the arrival of goods, reduce capital occupied, simplified packaging, an important means to reduce the damage, to improve overall efficiency plays an important role.
(A) according to the form of commodity type
1, according to the facilities
(1) handling of personal physical facilities in factories, private warehouses, distribution centers, such as the delivery of goods, purchase facility is capable of handling.
(2) public logistics facilities for loading and unloading at the station, port, airport, warehouses, loading and unloading, and handling are called the station, airport, Harbour handling loading and unloading, warehouse handling.
2, classified by transport equipment: trucks, truck loading and unloading, loading and unloading ships, such as loading and unloading, loading and unloading the plane.
3, according to the commodity form
(1) individual item handling
Are in boxes, bags and other packaging form name of goods loading and unloading or are long, big, clumsy, heavy goods handling.
(2) the container loading and unloading of goods
Is for loading and unloading of pallets, containers and other equipment used in container goods or given a collection package name, such as loading and unloading.
(3) the loading and unloading of goods in bulk
That massive, granular, powder or liquid form directly to transport items such as equipment, goods shipments loaded from storage device or storage devices handling.
4, press-handling machinery: belt loading and unloading, forklift, loading and unloading, loading and unloading crane, loader loading and unloading, and so on.
(B) according to the type of loading and unloading operations
Loading and unloading can be divided into corresponding to the transport equipment "into, remove handling" and storage facility "inbound, and outbound handling" in two categories. While the two types of loading and unloading with goods "stacking, unstacking", "sorting and distribution", "transfer, transfer of" three basic types of loading and unloading operations, these jobs because of the different movements and handling machinery, accompanying a variety of practices.

Is the place of pre-positioned commodities from, move to truck transport of goods such as equipment or fixed equipment such as warehouse at the specified position, and then placed in position and shape of goods according to the requirements of the job.

Stack is the reverse operation.
3, picking
Is stacking, unstacking operations or operations that occurred before the distribution task, the goods classified according to variety, the access of people and goods (sorting categories), then to the specified position of the job.
4, order
Is the loading of trucks and other transportation equipment operations and takes place from the warehouse facility prior to loading and unloading operations, the goods from the set position, classified according to variety, the next job categories, shipping objects (distribution category) the depalletizer, stacking operations. This work into picking out, classified according to provisions set up jobs and moving at a certain volume to end sorting sites, two types of job sent to a specific location.
5, conveying the job
In order to carry out the above operations occur, with the main purpose of these jobs mobile jobs. Transfer includes horizontal, vertical conveying, material submitted as well as several combinations.
Is the job of conveyor belts to transport the goods.