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In international trade, import and export of goods have to be declared to the customs.
First talk about the Declaration of imported goods:
1, the application time. Import cargo consignee shall be the means of transport declared after the date of entry in the 14th, declared to the customs. It exceeds the deadline stipulated from the customs declaration, from the 15th day after day by the customs levy surcharges; if carriers declare more than three months from the date of entry is not declared to customs, imported goods will be sold off by the customs.
2, application documentation and reporting, import goods declaration should be complete in duplicate "import goods declaration form", and accompanied by the following documents: (1) permit; (2) the Bill of lading, (3) the invoice and (4) of packing list and (5) tax relief or exemption certificate. According to regulations, the import goods shall be at the entry of the goods by the consignee to Customs Customs procedures.
3, customs audit documents. After the customs declaration in the accepted, first for the documents to be signed, to number declaration forms registration and comments, accept the Declaration date then audit the documents carefully and leather, if unqualified, shall inform the applicant supplemented and corrected in a timely manner.
Talk exported goods declaration below:
1, the reporting time frames and reporting sites. Exports of goods when the shipper should be loading 24 hours earlier, declared to the customs. In particular, the General export goods at the terminals, stations, airports, post offices and other warehouse, after the site, provides 24 hours ago declared to customs at the customs. According to the regulation, export goods declaration by the consignor in the exit of the goods to the customs.
2, customs should have the documents. Export customs declaration should be completed in duplicate "export goods declaration form" and with the export permit, invoices, packing slips, and freight documents. After the customs declaration in the receiving, also it is necessary to separate documents to be signed and approved.
3, the export refund tax on domestic products. Export refund shall provide two single and two votes, that is, export goods declaration forms, Bank Exchange settlement for export export products and export sales invoices, purchase invoices; is entitled to refund of enterprises with import and export rights and assume control of export foreign trade companies, industrial enterprises entrusted enterprises with export rights to export own products, and granted tax rebates.