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Express advantage

summary of Shanghai Railway Express
Railway Express relies on the railway network, baggage car, railway car for railway passenger train transport, freight transport logistics services. China's railway transportation power, train passengers of transport development is the top priority, it has very high security, speed, convenience and advantages of networks is very complete. Rail transport plays an important role in the development of the national economy. Shanghai Railway Express, based in Shanghai, the nation, for Shanghai in Shanghai and the Pearl River Delta to provide convenient to move the services to the country.

60% city 1 day, 2-4 day in other cities, 1 time faster than the motor
Enjoy the preferential policy of the railway sector, excellent price, some chartered cities, more than half of air
Aging high-
Depart on time every day, on time, without the weather effect, incomparable for other modes of transport
Ultra security
Rail mode of transportation is the most stable, and participate in the insured, pay
Super convenient
Door-to-door delivery, home delivery, the station, letting customers choose, convenient
Network all over the country, railways across the country almost all cities you can access over more than 400 cities nationwide are available