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The effects and countermeasures of modern logistics center

Modern logistics is supported by modern information technology, by means of integration of logistics resources, to reduce the total cost as the goal, serving in the production, circulation and consumption, meets the requirements of new industrialization development strategies, while promoting efficiency and promote the development of garden economy with a strong boost. Modern logistics center is the product of social production, played a pivotal role in the socialized distribution. More rational and scientific understanding of its role, exploring its advanced development path is a very important issue.
One, modern logistics center in the field of productive service plays an important role
1. modern logistics center is amplifying regional advantages of the multiplier.
Modern logistics centre in circulation in the community played an important part, is the support of the entire logistics network, plays an important role not only for optimizing logistics networks and circulation on the whole social infrastructure plays with convergence and co-ordination of, the Hub role. Any logistics elements, such as the airport, port, railway, land and cargo centre and various commercial network infrastructure can play an effective role in circulation, to achieve the desired design, modern logistics centers play a multiplier role. Because only the transit and distribution support for modern logistics center, can zoom in function of the distribution infrastructure, effectively reduce logistics costs and improve logistics, improve logistics efficiency. In a sense, the lack of modern logistics center, will inevitably lead to circulation elements, such as a waste of resources in infrastructure in the region; a modern logistics center development is not perfect, will seriously affect the infrastructure functions effectively.
2. loading platform of modern logistics centre is the development of modern circulation.
Modern logistics to transport rationalization, warehouse automation, packaging standardization, handling machinery, processing trade integration, management of the network information marked. Modern logistics center as a chain of logistics sector of the economy, provides a hosted platform for modern logistics, plays a key role in the management and operation, has become a production and consumption, resolving contradiction between supply and demand, make space and time produces economic benefits of major institutions and places. Modern logistics center operation can achieve a minimum of links, the shortest distance, lowest wear, the best results. Modern logistics center elongated circulation industry chain, expands the space of circulation industry, for enterprises to efficiently configure a flow of resources.
3. modern logistics center is the combination of physical logistics and logistics information.
Modern logistics center achieved has business flow, and logistics, and flow, and funds flow of one, gradually became commodity distributed Center, and circulation processing center, and trading center, and price formed Center, and information released Center and test quarantine Center, especially online trading, and electronic settlement and futures trading, and regional procurement, processing supporting role of play, relies on professional logistics talent makes modern logistics upgrade information, and modern and international of standard, especially logistics finance, and logistics to industry development, makes modern logistics center of pledge, and regulatory, and mortgage , Financing more mature. Construction of logistics information platform, and enhance the level of logistics management, reducing management costs, expanding the overall logistics work surface, extends the reach of real logistics platforms, enhances the physical logistics of soft power.
Second, rapid and sound development of modern logistics center countermeasures and suggestions for
1. to make a modern logistics center is more rational and scientific.
Changes in the construction of modern logistics center extensive development, extension, expansion of practice in intensive development, content to be highlighted on the expansion issue. Cannot tandaqiuquan in site selection and rational science, must dock with the depth of logistics park layout, reasonable conservation of land resources, full account of environmental protection requirements, traffic location advantage to play, make full use of market management and the role of public facilities. And planning and management of modern logistics technology combined with advanced information technology, the integration of various resources, benefit from spatial and technical efficiency to logistics, logistics equipment to effect, to logistics personnel efficiency. Strive to make the Logistics Center in planning according to local conditions, closer to reality; in intensive and efficient of the ground, and dislocation in the feature development, science on complementary in function.
2. to enhance the quality and quantity of modern logistics center.
One is to encourage the development of the logistics industry, promote the construction of logistics real estate project and to achieve scale, scientific expansion of output. With the improvement of logistics technology and management methods of improvement and development of logistics equipment industry, we should vigorously improve the utilization of the land far away from the center of logistics and facilities. Second, to bring excellent logistics enterprises, pay attention to the introduction of international logistics giant, to create international standards, and international logistics such as ProLogis, United States UPS, and Japan line Kintetsu international logistics center. Third, to support logistics technology, the fourth party logistics in the design, management, operation and investment links enhancing scientific and technological content. Four is to introduce competition, break regional barriers and perfect the logistics nodes, achieving smooth flow, opening of the logistics world.
3. to highlight specialization and characteristics of modern logistics centre.
One is a specialized division of labor, establishment of live food, aquatic products, refrigerated logistics centers, establishing production of iron and steel, building materials, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, automotive, energy, mining and Logistics Center. Second, according to the characteristics of the request to play the local industrial advantages, expand regional productive services, for regional industrial transformation and upgrading, energy saving and consumption reduction, speeding up the process of new type industrialization services. Integrity of the third modern logistics elements. To integrate logistics tools, water, land, air and rail transportation, pipeline of five network brings together parks, making full use of the resources of professional logistics park Logistics Center, Park-logistics, solid logistics role to play. While integrating resources, give full play to the port, the bonded logistics center, the role of rail transport Center, realize Hong Kong port area, station, station interaction and complement each other. Therefore, public logistics facility layouts should as far as possible to the Logistics Park set, and the construction of logistics center should also rely on Logistics Park, play the role of public resources.
4. to enlarge the practical value of modern logistics centers and potential value.
Logistics Center of construction except has store, and transport, and processing, and handling, and handling, and packaging and information processing of basic function outside, also should extends modern logistics center service chain, created value, achieved value-added, as foster logistics Headquarters economic, extended funds settlement Center role, strengthening logistics financial service, and needs, and logistics system design Advisory, and logistics education and training, and logistics exhibition Expo, and regional procurement Center, and logistics technology development, and logistics policy research, and logistics network planning, and logistics industry management, and price certification, and Inspection and quarantine, and other functions, to extended service chain, and create greater value results. Logistics Center to assume responsibility for technical innovation, management innovation, transformation and upgrading of the logistics industry, promote sound and rapid development of modern logistics industry.

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