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Takahashi moved freight logistics market is around the corner

"Gaoqiao logistics market site was no longer suitable as a station of the freight forwarding and logistics industry. "Recently, the Changsha city CPPCC Zou Bixia proposal, Takahashi moved in the freight logistics market is around the corner.
Proposal noted that, as currently the city's logistics centre "gaoqiao logistics market," freight market, over more than 20 are the high logistics operators to rent houses, shanty towns spontaneously into a city, fire control, traffic, social order is a serious problem. Moreover, the Changsha Metro, traffic jams in the city, the second ring road extension project will start construction soon, gaoqiao logistics markets section of no limit on trucks for a long time, large cargo vehicles difficult. "Gaoqiao logistics market is the great risk of social order and economic construction in Changsha. "
So, where the new logistics center location right? Proposal noted that, as early as in June 2010, the province of less-than-truckload freight Association has organized transportation within the province, industry experts and professors, through investigation, we compile a feasibility study on construction of Logistics Center station in Hunan province. The Association to the national, the provincial development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of transport of Changsha Municipal Government, the project and the land of the Changsha Municipal Bureau of Commerce reports, identify the intended use of the project first phase settled in Changsha County, dry Cedar Township.
To this end, the proposal recommends that the Changsha City Government will be the inclusion of the key construction projects this year, instructing relevant departments as soon as possible specific measures. Also suggest that the Government in the supply of land for the project, the introduction of flexible means, such as may consider qualitative industrial land price, commercial land ownership, after the project can also be collected by the Government to go through the relevant procedures, and so on.