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Built with a focus on people's livelihood in West Guangdong cities-container transportation

The day before yesterday, from the Zhanjiang municipal Committee was informed that the 12 plenary of the ninth is expected in 2010, the GDP of 140.6 billion yuan, up 14.2% over the previous year, the growth rate reached a 15-year high. Reviewed at the meeting of the city's "Eleven-Five" and the deployment of "Twelve-Five" strategy for economic and social development goals, tasks.
The "Eleven-Five" period, Zhanjiang city, vigorously implement the "industrial city, Harbor City and eco-city" development strategy and promote deep water port-heavy industry-logistics-Bay City "four in one" coordinated development, expected to complete the "Eleven-Five" plan main index. Expected in 2010 the city's GDP of 140.6 billion yuan, up 14.2% over the previous year, are "XV" end of 2.1 times, average annual growth of 13%.
It was noted that the "Twelve-Five" period ushered in Zhanjiang city to speed up construction of a modern industrial system, infrastructure and ecological construction of Bay City, and the golden age of construction. To the "transformation of development, building a happy Zhanjiang" as the core, push the social construction with a focus on people's livelihood, as the building became an important coastal city of Zhanjiang, modern new port industrial city and ecological Center of Bay City, Western Guangdong cities an important city and the Beibu Gulf and work hard.