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For a new perspective of China's logistics industry

Professor Yu Zhiping Hale, thinking thoughtful, incisive in conversation, and witty wisdom flashes and sparks of ideas from time to time he rushes out of the conversation, make it hard to 67 years of age together with him. Being a sociologist--Heilongjiang Provincial Committee and the provincial government's Expert Advisory Board Member, Harbin municipal people's political consultative conference, Member of the Harbin municipal party school and Professor of Harbin Institute of administrative duties, Professor Yu Zhiping was a full schedule. A few days ago, he accepted interviews from macroeconomic and regional economic development level, methods of materialist dialectics in ideological and theoretical, on the development of China's logistics industry situation, bottleneck problems and future development, puts his own unique perspective, observation and reflection.
Due to many years of local Party Committee and Government civil servants, as well as local enterprises and managers of education and training work, Yu Zhiping, Professor of China's logistics industry problems and bottlenecks are clear in their minds, he talks is also a strategically advantageous position, deafening. Professor Yu Zhiping development of logistics industry in China with "five elements" and "five ways" to summary. His "five elements" respectively are: fluid and flow, flow, flow, flow rate, and he is studying the logistics of "five ways" referred to is: specialization, scale, standardization (normalization), information and social.
Yu Zhiping Professor think, China current for logistics of theory and academic research exists with some biased and errors, in promoted logistics industry of development in the also exists focuses on academic theory research discussion, light on logistics practice for experience summary of tendencies, and for logistics of academic research also exists with from production actual of situation, for logistics industry development in the appeared of various difficult, and problem and should strategy also missing system of theory analysis and guidelines, logistics academic on logistics practice and industry development of guide meaning than weaker. In addition, Chinese social logistics-logistics studies focus too much on research--that is, more research on logistics enterprise, but most needed logistics in manufacturing enterprises--that is, less internal material circulation research. Professor Yu Zhiping said, the internal logistics of manufacturing enterprise level is the Foundation of society as a whole level of logistics, manufacturing business process reengineering and the flow of materials developed, advanced and high efficiency, the advanced logistics level of society as a whole and where to talk about it?
Professor Yu Zhiping study logistics "five elements" in the "fluid" referred to is the carrier of logistics enterprises, that is, the circulation of goods of high added value products, logistics companies can profit, whereas logistics enterprises profit from where coming? Fluid of added value low is logistics enterprise of economic on low; "flow" is refers to of is unlimited volume circulation of commodity number, only circulation commodity of number increased has, logistics enterprise to profit, because number big has to make up commodity added value low of problem, northeast of logistics enterprise most by flow get profit; "flows" refers to of is is commodity of circulation direction, both high added value of products flows economic developed of area, logistics enterprise to money, and instead is is earned not to money of. Now ignores the issue of logistics research, namely logistics, how to get out of doors, out of province and out of the country, global issues, logistics and marketing, and logistics, marketing services, marketing help the logistics market. And "velocity" refers to of is is various logistics way, including railway, and highway, and water, and air transport and pipeline, velocity and national of developed degree about, China of logistics industry for logistics in promote national economic development in the of role also awareness not in place, logistics industry also cannot active guide economic of development, logistics industry also missing forward sex of thinking, logistics industry practitioners of quality General also not high. "Flow" refers specifically to logistics centers and distribution centers, the layout depends on the logistics of modern logistics centre to complete and final realization of distribution center logistics center planning.
Professor Yu Zhiping study logistics "five ways" specialized, logistics must be made by the professional person, using specialized methods to do professional things, and speculation is not acceptable. While the scale of China's current shuffle of the logistics industry, to eliminate some of the small, poor benefits, bad social evaluation of the so-called "logistics", domestic logistics enterprises nowadays is essentially composed of long distance transport of empty wagon distribution even flop came, leading to market a mixed bag, chaos. Must do fluids have the scale, flow must have the scale, only in this way, logistics companies can profit, thus eliminating three long-distance carrier also appears a strange phenomenon of so-called logistics.
Standardization actually is standardized, standardization is China logistics industry specification development of best point, it requirements logistics industry of into standard to has threshold, and Government must to developed industry of access standard, logistics industry must do elements has standard, carrier also must has standard, because disorganized, and development disorder of market State, eventually bad of also is logistics enterprise, led its are earned not to money or profit is low. Rules determine the result in standardization of logistics industry in China still has a long way to go.
Information is the only way of developing China's logistics industry, and the Internet is the ideal target for the development of the logistics industry, enterprise resource planning, business process reengineering requires by means of information to complete the information and standardization of combined can greatly enhance the level of China's logistics industry development.
Socialization of the logistics industry can achieve lowest total cost of running with the society, if not socialized logistics industry, the logistics industry will never improve the quality of economic operation of society as a whole, and will always go out of low cycle repeated huarong. The socialization of logistics will also make China step into the era of industrial civilization, then into the knowledge of civilization and the age of the information society.
Professor Yu Zhiping said, five elements and five methods of logistics research is interdependent relations and logistics research and five methods of how to combine the five elements? Will produce different results, the economic and social benefits also will have different performance. From a more advanced development of our logistics industry in Yangtze River Delta area, experience such as Wuxi, Changzhou, the logistics industry can actually enhance the level of regional economic development, and regional economic development but will also create better conditions for the prosperity of the logistics industry. In this one, bondage of breakthrough ideas and vision and awareness is the key to greater development of the industry.
At the time of the interview, Professor Yu Zhiping expressed great confidence in the future development of China's logistics industry, Professor Yu Zhiping's interview and communication is indeed a wonderful spiritual journey.

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