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Owner of delivery beware of scam

Right now is the increasing networking of community, integrity and put the word in front of people. Now is the era of rapid development of electronic commerce, Internet shopping becoming popular theme, in the case of both buyers and sellers do not know, we talk about integrity. Online shopping, trading in real life but also to focus on integrity. Honest, become a bridge connecting networks, communicate with each other. At this time is particularly valuable. That being the case, now there are still many people in good faith on the words. This kind of thing happens constantly in the logistics industry.
Dragon River's shipping department swindled million cases of goods concern. Last July, longjiang, Shunde, a huge shipping fraud occurred. By Le Cong, Shunde longjiang natives set up fake Department of transport, hire temporary assuming office. Fake Department of transportation Gets the victim after the furniture has been dragged a delivery and, ultimately, man and disappear. On July 14, the owner parties travelled to Shunde district police station, demand recovered were tricked into payments totaling more than 1 million Yuan.
Case the freight industry thinking on integrity. When the actors are on, cargo low entry threshold, issues such as registration information to the query, the owner often cannot distinguish between cargo transport units of true information, "hoped that CPPCC freight access to credit management, helps shippers and secure car, operation".
To this end, transit transport through the establishment of Guangdong Province, Foshan City's first intelligent freight platform, cracking of the freight industry in the consignors, freight station, freight forwarders or intermediary, problems of asymmetric information between the owners of the company. Industry sources said, the introduction of intelligent transportation management platform is particularly important for sections of the carriage of goods by road. Intelligent public transportation information platform was born in the South, believe in the efforts of intelligent freight platform, it create a new logistics system integrity, runs through the basic trust between buyers and sellers, problems can be solved, know each other from person to person, can be honest. Through the integrity of Dongfeng, a whirlwind inside smart freight transport will, changing the traditional mode of operation and business philosophy.