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"Twelve-Five" railway investment tipped to coal

Recently in "2012 the economic situation and development of power analysis and forecast" said 2015 national coal demand is expected to reach 4.3 billion tons, about 970 million tons more than in 2010, average annual growth of 5.2%.
Relevant experts believe that these data indicate that the "Twelve-Five" during China's coal supply there is a gap, the price will rise steadily. That judgment is based mainly on coal supply costs increasing, coal resources, utilization of external environmental costs and social costs, as well as rising labor costs and improving coal resource tax and other reasons.
As the coal power industry upstream has been industry-wide conditions. Attending the official at the Ministry said that last year almost all industrial areas upstream and downstream there is a differentiation between. "Overall, the upper reaches are very good, bad downstream, upstream transmission downstream is not sufficient. "
The official also pointed out that resources will have constraints for China's economic development. According to the latest Bureau data, 3.52 billion tons of coal produced in China last year, importing 170 million tons, consuming 3.7 billion tons, coal consumption accounted for almost half of the planet.
In addition, journalists from the new adjustment of the Ministry of railways "Twelve-Five" found in the planning of, investment in the sector will be tilted towards the coal. "Three", the North-East, East, South and Northwest of the five coal transportation channel by the end of 2010 and construction will start in the focus of the project a total of 48, the "Twelve-Five" during planning, a total of 17 items, expected after 2013, the railway coal transportation capacity will be increased significantly.
CEC's analysis shows that, on the whole, 2015 the total capacity is greater than coal coal coal channel transport demand, elasticity coefficient greater than 1.1, to meet the demand, but local area there are still coal transferred into or out of tight situations. The "Twelve-Five" period, East China coal transportation channel will continue to be pressure maximum coal channel, coal transportation capacity of 2015 crossing is expected to increase over the 2010 120% and 140%, coupled with strong North-South East China coal transportation channel weak, if "in Liang Huai" area coal traffic, coal appears tense situation in the South of East China.