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First crossing the Yangtze River, China subway line through

First crossing the Yangtze River in China's Wuhan, Metro Line 2 subway 26th across the South, successfully entered the track laying and repair phase, is expected to be completed during the year.
Total investment reached 14.913 billion yuan, Wuhan Metro Line 2 phase I of line, length of 27.98 km, along the total station 21, upon completion, can take about 50% in Wuhan City public transportation passenger volume of traffic across the River, expected by 2015, and transporting passengers up to more than 600,000 passengers a day.
In the iron fourth survey design Hospital Group Deputy Chief Engineer Xiong Chaohui said, Wuhan Metro Line 2 line tunnel, hit has more items national first: domestic first article through Yangtze River River tunnel, domestic shield frame alone head dig into most long of interval tunnel, domestic buried deep maximum of Metro tunnel, domestic hydraulic highest of Metro tunnel, domestic first article in river end of built with pumping station contact channel of tunnel, for China City Metro tunnel construction accumulated has valuable experience.
"Two rivers divide, separation of the three-city" in Wuhan, river traffic has been the biggest bottleneck of urban traffic. In this bridge and tunnel traffic engineering across the river most populous cities, traffic engineering across the River in the Center construction pace of development, always miss the speed of urban growth, and bridges and tunnels in the central city, chronically overloaded state.
According to the plan, 7 will be built in Wuhan rail transit line, total 222.8 kilometers long. At present, there are 3 lines under construction, 1 approved route plan commenced during the year.