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Truck overload control

Overloading is not new, especially the limited available now more and more stringent, overloaded truck driver admitted that he didn't have no money to earn, Che Bichao almost to the car's status. However, damage due to overloading transport highway mileage of more accidents that occur more and more. Following the logistics searches for you to put together a recent truck overload case.
One day, a truckload of coal on the way your compliance, because of brake failure, after knocking down a fence, and a fruit truck knocked, knocked 5 construction, go ahead after more than 500 meters, truck rollover on the driveway, Guiyang to xinzhai direction caused the traffic jam for almost 3 hours. After the accident, truck driver told paramedics, his car was loaded with 30 tons of coal, but to that section, the "suddenly no brakes!"
Extra heavy vehicle in overload for too long, the braking and stability and seriously affect traffic safety. Overloaded cars in the process of moving the center of gravity is not stability, braking performance degradation, plus tire tire deformation and other security risks exist, is likely to cause traffic accidents.
According to statistics, in truck-related traffic accidents, 80% above is caused by overload, once the accident occurred, and huge economic losses, insurance companies because the causes of traffic accidents was overrun and refused payment responsibility.
Truck driver's voice does not overload cannot make money
No more won't make money, you don't hold people more. Small bi in your new road toll station, a nucleus contains 17 tons, and contained 30 tons of coal truck driver surnamed Wang said.
Zhang had bought a truck to run operations, he was carrying 26 tonnes of Coke destined for Fuquan, and this nuclear than vehicles that weigh more than 10 tons. "The toll of the car plus tax and transport fees, better a month thousands of pieces. Idle will have to pay so much money, don't run! " Zhang said.
Overload control is very difficult
Managing overload vehicles, staff members said he was ill management overload is a systems engineering, vehicles involved in the production, conversion and management, market, management system, a number of departments and fields, complex.
Search hints
Overload is a growing problem, the freight market is the lack of standardized management. Trucks exceeding limits in who's interest, may also lead to unnecessary trouble, cargo companies and freight car drivers should be strictly in accordance with the national provisions, governance policies on overloaded goods vehicles should also be more perfect.