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Flow storage utilization is low cost problems

Low utilization ratio of high taxes, logistics, warehousing ... ... High cost out of the southern city of 10%.
High cost, logistics, bothered me
Recently, the news of the rise in oil prices, so Daqing logistics business for many years Lee has added some pressure.
"The logistics costs have been high, transportation, warehousing, manual ... ... Which costs are not small, oil prices still rising, this line had more bad! " Ms Lee said.
Lorry owners Cheng Hairui also have similar worries, he told reporters: "every time I drive to the South, need to pay a 7,700 dollars, back from the South can make up losses before. "
Liu Guiwen, in Daqing sartu Logistics Park runs a small logistics company, 40 square metres of Office, eight or nine large trucks can be provided out of the car business. Recently, a driver has lived here for 9 days, unable to drive because of the cargo can be shipped free. He admitted that logistics companies like him in the South, can earn a lot easier than it is now.
Logistics vehicle owners not a hard time. Owner Cheng Hairui told reporters that the car now, heaven making 60,000 dollars a year, which also does not wear. Truck high wear rates, if spent 300,000 to buy car, one year after the value of 250,000, worth 150,000 two years later, after three years at most 100,000, then you'll have to change it. These three years can make out a money for a new car or not. As for the owners of the South, and three years for a new car is not difficult, owners of the North can only pick in someone's used car.
Small logistics company is having a hard time, large logistics companies are also very difficult. Logistics company of Daqing Branch Manager Yin Qi Yuan bond told reporters that Daqing bond settled seven months, cost at least 80,000 per month, but the actual profit of the month is a month. Housing, transit fees, employee wages ... ... Fees are quite high. When a reporter asked "compared to how much higher logistics costs in Daqing City and South", he replied: at least 10%.
In addition, journalists learned that similar scale as bond, but a long time to enter the Daqing another express delivery company, current business conditions are not ideal.
Four main reasons why raise logistics costs
So, where is the high cost of logistics companies in Daqing City?
High taxes: gross earnings above 30% to
Logistics industry's tax burden close to that of the national average in Daqing City, 6.8%. But this 6.8% rate for Northern logistics to slightly heavy.
Zhao Yanxia in the logistics industry for many years to give us a detailed analysis. First of all from a profit perspective, the overall tax burden of the logistics industry in Daqing City 6.8% (not including tax). While the South (especially the Pearl River Delta region) mostly have a preferential policy for the logistics industry and logistics companies in the South as long as the gross margin reached 10% and 20% will be able to profit, gross margin and we even complete 30% may not be able to achieve the same level of income. Gross margin reached 30% in itself is a difficult thing. The other hand, some private logistics companies in order to evade taxes, take the form of not registering in the Logistics Park "camping", using low prices to compete with regular company.
Higher tolls: "no overload does not make money"
At present, the crossings, bridge tolls are still account for a considerable proportion of total logistics costs. Although also issued some preferential policies, such as the toll from load calculations are calculated according to the model, but in terms of practical effect, cost does not fall but rise.
Li gang engaged in freight business for many years we have an example, a model of 6.8 meters, truck 10 ton lorries, tolls from Daqing to Harbin used to be 120 Yuan, after adopting the weight price will be raised to 150 Yuan, some even up to 180 yuan.
To 70 Yuan/ton unit from Daqing to Harbin, shipping cost is 700 Yuan, from 1400 Yuan, which remove the round-trip toll at least 240 Yuan, then drop the 400-mile commute <2 fuel costs about 800 Yuan RMB/km >, then drop labor costs, has left its profit margins is extremely limited.
Logistics industry in Daqing City, it is also "no overload is not making money," one of the important reasons.
Volume: the owners losing money to leave
Material flow and logistics costs are correspondingly increases. Daqing City haoyuan logistics Zhou told reporters: because of manufacturing developed in the South, coming from the South most of the trucks full truck load, and Daqing, if you want to fill your car, it is necessary to wait 5 days, then efficiency will be greatly reduced, also results in high operating costs. From Daqing and out, shipping per ton of goods is relatively low. So I have to go half a car and even delivery of empty cars to lose money, relying on proceeds from South to North, filling before costs. Low storage rates: idle
Storage utilization is not high, resulting in rising cost of storage. An interview with reporter s logistics park see, utilization and Logistics Park not to 1/2. Warehouse rent is fixed, utilization and storage costs naturally increased.
According to press reports, this is not the case, this phenomenon is prevalent in some enterprises in Daqing City. And this waste in storage costs relatively secretive, rarely to be concerned about, not to mention control.
In the South, they referred this question to the third-party logistics. Production business enterprise to focus on core business, itself originally belonged to logistics activity, contractually entrusted to professional logistics service companies, maintain close contact through information systems and logistics enterprises to achieve a logistics operation of logistics management control and management. Centrally by the third-party logistics warehousing, unified access, cost savings and improve efficiency.
In addition to the above points, logistics information management fees, processing costs, packaging costs, handling and transportation costs are also the reason for Daqing high logistics costs.
As higher prices push
If logistics industry in Daqing economic belt, it needs more relief and lubrication.
If commodities on the warehousing, transportation and circulation costs are too high, then the business is bound to be in high-cost shared equally in product prices, thus contributing to high prices, as people cannot bear the burden.
Falling prices, we must first reduce logistics costs, this has become the consensus of the people.
In other words, logistics costs drop, the city's price would drop, logistics, economic running cycles will come increased faster, higher prices make the city more active!! whole Assembly pushing economic relief system will enter a virtuous circle.
"Daqing City logistics enterprises needs to be concerned, need to be supported. "In the interview process, many logistics operators expressed their strong and clear desire to reporters.