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"Twelve-Five" planning the logistics industry the most bullish

Technology development was recently published by the Department of science and technology of the modern service industry "Twelve-Five" programme specifically to information technology-oriented high-tech during the 35 made more progress to accelerate technology of modern service industry and information transformation.
New concept lead wave of new
Planning proposed, "Twelve-Five" during modern services technology development of general target for: around productive services, and emerging services, and technology services, focus field, strengthening commercial mode innovation and technology integrated innovation, breakthrough a common key technology, established perfect modern services technology support system, and technology innovation system and industry development support system, foster a modern service new industry State, build a well-known service brand, construction a modern services industrialization base, Significantly increase the proportion of modern service industry and level. Transformation of the planning for the next five years enhance the deployment of producer services, modern logistics, e-commerce, digital culture, digital life, socialization and public services as well as technology services six included in the plan.
Reporters noted that this plan as proposed in the "modern service industry" should belong to a completely new concept, which includes e-commerce, logistics, digital culture and other new areas of concern before the concept is rarely.
Electronic information industry analyst with haitong securities Qiu Chuncheng believes that the formulation of the plan, focusing on applied model of innovation and demonstration applications in electronic information industry as an example, emerging services is accompanied by the development of information and network technology, Division of refining and upgrading of the consumption structure of new forms of service. Broader communications industry as a whole is also an aspect of the service industry, networking, cloud computing, e-commerce and digital platform belong among them. Planning after the release would have been a follow up on policy support, for the sectors concerned will be boosted.
E-payment and e-commerce benefit the most from
Qiu Chuncheng believes that for now, the two major industry segments are expected to benefit from the development of e-commerce. One is the electronic payment industry. In e-commerce of support system in the, electronic certification, and electronic paid, and modern logistics, and standard system, and credit system, are benefit Yu e-commerce of development, especially "electronic paid", with Bank non-financial institutions paid service management approach and non-financial institutions paid service management approach implementation rules of introduced, third party paid licence of released also was mention Shang schedule, to means with electronic paid industry has may will appeared outbreak type growth. One RF technology and equipment for electronic payment industry will be faced with great opportunities.
Second, e-commerce platform provider. E-commerce industry has entered a period of rapid growth. During the financial crisis, e-commerce can reduce sales costs, expand sales advantage of RADIUS, the post-crisis era, small and medium enterprises use e-commerce awareness increases, as well as operators add factors such as customer service and training under the joint action, scale of China B2B e-commerce revenues in the third quarter of this year rose 46.6%. Currently, China's e-commerce penetration was only about 10%, have more room for development in the near future, according to iResearch predicts that over a three-year average annual growth of e-commerce transaction volume of more than 30%, which means that the performance of the e-commerce platform operators flexibility would be more optimistic.
Electronic payments industry may be concerned about Eastcom peace, South day information, space, Hublot shares) stock, Hublot stake would also benefit from the upgrade of the bank card business, good prospects. E-commerce focus business card, the platform operators focus on Science and technology.
Qiu Chuncheng also said the logistics sector is a sunrise industry, after passing through the oscillations, would have a more optimistic do more long-term opportunities. For modern logistics, and can use the "Internet of things" East wind, aboard the high-speed trains for the new round of technological innovations, actively build a unified information platform, forming a smooth flow, quick time, economy, and user satisfaction of logistics service system, logistics to high-end services.
But China's logistics industry has not yet become bigger and stronger, low efficiency of logistics operation of the whole society, low proportion of manufacturing outsourcing of logistics integration, integrated transport system has not been straightened out regional blockades and trade monopolies still exist, imperfect technologies and standards system, and so on, these problems have restricted the promotion of logistics and information technology. Only by solving the above problems and bottlenecks, logistics informatization in China can be strengthened further, for the achievements of the national economy, and drive further growth of domestic software industry. Specific investment opportunities may be concerned about sunning logistics, Pegasus international, shares, bonded storage technology, Henderson in daxin, iron Dragon logistics.