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Tyan's biggest logistics park construction

Recently, Taian high-tech zone management Committee held a signing ceremony with the taian delivery group, logistics industry in Taian city covers an area of Taian delivery group, and the largest project began construction of modern logistics park project.
It is understood that the taian delivery group modern logistics park project is located in the Central West of high-tech zone, Feng road, gaoxin district, North of East, West of Lu, Yong Tai steel South of the project area. Total project planning and covers 411 acres, with a total construction area of nearly 400,000 square meters, building a total investment of more than 900 million Yuan. Construction period of three years, two phases construction, a building area of 100,000 square metres, mainly construction of bonded logistics center, transportation center, multi-purpose storage area. Phase II construction area of more than 280,000 square meters, the main transportation center, the delivery Group Headquarter office building and auxiliary facilities.
Taian delivery group Taian city, modern logistics park project is the logistics industry covers an area of and largest projects, mainly for the general public and enterprises to provide cargo transportation, logistics, warehousing, bonded logistics, passenger transport, logistics management and housekeeping services. Project built Hou, will promote Taian logistics market resources of optimization integration, specification logistics market business and management order, reduced logistics social cost and logistics system run cost, upgrade logistics information organization of degree, promote logistics industry low carbon, and environmental, and save, and efficient development, service around regional production trade enterprise, led around traffic based facilities level upgrade, change logistics enterprise more, and small, and bulk, and weak of behind situation.